“We aren’t in the business of opening oysters. We’re in the business of connecting people.”

Oystershucker opening oysters

The fabulous concept of Oystertainment®

For 20 years, we have been providing a truly unique and luxurious service known as Oystertainment. We began oystertaining in Europe, with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. Our European customers loved our personal, fun, and fascinating service, so we decided to expand our Oystertainment service to the USA as well.

Our founder, Matijn, invented the concept of the roving oystershucker. He loved oysters, and he loved people, and he wanted to bring them together. He designed special equipment that meant that an oyster expert could move through a party and open oysters as they go. He wanted to bring oysters straight to people, so that he and his oyster experts could share their enthusiasm and the joy of oysters! This way, they could have a real interaction with the people they gave oysters to, and make a connection and delight them. Once he had the perfect equipment, he gathered the best and most passionate people he knew and assembled a team of highly professional oystershuckers. With that, Red Oyster was born, and our team have been Oystertaining ever since.

What does Oystertainment® involve?

Oystertainment involves our team (made up of highly trained men and women), dressed up to the nines in their oyster shucking uniform (complete with a steel mesh glove and scrupulously clean white leather uniform) personally opening oysters on the spot for you and your guests. Watching a professional open an oyster is an amazing experience, as it takes both strength and elegance to do it with the skill and aesthetic appeal of our team. Our roving Oystertainers love to interact with your guests, and will move through your event with charm, skill, and delicious oysters. We’ll explain the process of shucking, the difference between different types of oysters, and why we prefer species caught within certain waters of the United States. Each Oystertainer is passionate about oysters. Within an instant your guests will be hooked, too, and will have had an experience they will never forget.

Oystertainer at a fair - Red Oyster USA

When do we Oystertain?

Oystertainment is perfect for so many different occasions, including marriages, private parties, graduation balls, corporate events, and extravagant Valentine’s Day treats. Add the taste of our fabulous oysters to the luxury of having a professional Oystertainer open one for you with a flick of their shining silver knife and you will see why our Oystertainment experiences are so popular with food and entertainment lovers across Europe and the US. Treat your guests to something extra special by booking an Oystertainment session for that upcoming birthday present, friends’ reunion, holiday party, bar or bat mitzvah or any other event that deserves to be a celebration. We know you’ll find that our concept of Oystertainment is so unique and appealing that everyone should try it at least once. Get in touch with us today to hire our team, and let us help you throw the best party of your life!

“When I come to a group of guests with my bucket full of fresh oysters, we have an animated conversation about oysters in no time.”

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