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Oysters have long been regarded as synonymous with luxury. The word ‘oyster’ no doubt evokes images of evening gowns, champagne and those delicate silver knives that are used to prise open the sturdy brown shell. Home to pearls, oysters certainly are mysterious and opulent creatures. At our professional oystershucker venues, however you enjoy a special, sumptuous dish of oysters whenever you please. Sit down to a light and elegant lunch of oysters, or let our best oystershucker throw you a sophisticated party for an important occasion. Whenever you choose to eat them, the unique taste of oysters is definitely something to be savored. Fresh and salty, and ideal with a squeeze of lemon, oysters are packed with numerous essential nutrients. As well as tasting delectable, this luxurious treats contain plenty of protein, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamin C. They have particularly high levels of zinc, which is good for your immune system, for wound healing and for the overall biological functioning of your body. That means that they are great for you, boosting your immune system, increasing your libido (no, that’s not a myth!), promoting good blood circulation, helping to enhance your bone density and protecting you against cardiovascular disease. What more could you desire?

Why the best oystershucker from Red Oyster?

We provide high quality oyster experiences throughout the United States, as well as operating in plenty of locations Europe-wide. We specialize in ‘Oystertainment‘ (more about that later) and in selecting delectable oysters for you to enjoy to the full. We are especially proud of our welcoming and the best Oystershuckers, who are trained to serve up oysters with precision and panache. We believe that everybody deserves to experience the delectable taste of oysters. Moreover, we are well versed in the ceremonies and skills needed to create a successful oyster dinner. Using our decades of combined experience, we select and prepare your oysters to the highest possible standard and ensure that we create a convivial, comfortable, memorable atmosphere every single time. We would love to welcome you to one of our events, or to meet you to discuss how we can throw you a fantastic party. So read on to find out more about what we do and how we can give you the time of your life.

How our oystershuckers select the very best raw oysters for our customers

Oysters are like fine wines: they come in so many different flavors, ranging from complex and nutty to fresh, clean and simple. Oysters can live in both fresh or salty waters and they can filter several dozens of gallons of water a day, feeding on plankton and other delicacies in the process. This amazing filtration power means that the water around a group of oysters is sure to be ultra clean and sweet! The fact that oysters filter so much water means that the way that they taste will be highly influenced by the particular makeup of the water that they are living in. Oysters from one coastline might have an intense steak and walnut flavor, for instance, whilst oysters from a freshwater lake bed can taste pleasantly metallic and even citrussy.

Having tasted numerous different types of oysters, weighed up the advantages and disadvantages of each and pondered hard about which varieties of oyster would best tempt the palates of our guests, we believe that we have found the perfect combination. As you will see, we prefer to serve up East Coast oysters in the USA, and we usually accompany them with West Coast oysters from Washington State or British Columbia. Both of these types of oyster have their own unique and delightful taste. East Coast oysters come with rough, attractively fluted shells, and they tend to have an appealing minerally taste. East Coast oysters also tend to be saltier than other oyster varieties, and so they taste delightful with fresh cucumber or plain lemon juice – some oyster aficionados even love to use an East Coast oyster as a garnish for a martini in place of a salted olive. West Coast Oysters tend to be smaller than other varieties of oyster, and yet much more flavorsome and sweeter. Washington State has one native variety of oyster to its name, and it has a lovely coppery taste. Many of these oysters finish off on the palate with a distinctive taste of green melon and cucumber.

It is important to remember that every oyster tastes slightly different, even if these oysters lived side by side on the East Coast. That is part of the joy of eating oysters at one of our venues, or at a private party at your home: the taste of the oyster that you are eating could be subtly and intriguingly different to the oyster that your neighbor is eating. And yet, both will be utterly delicious. We are highly trained in the art of selecting the very finest quality oysters for your delectation, paying attention to their provenance, appearance and size. Just like a group of sommelieres taking the time to select the most exquisite wines for their guests, our team of the best oystershuckers has taken great care to ensure that we only present you with the most astounding, tasty and memorable oysters. Let us take you on a sensory journey with these amazing oysters that we have chosen just for you.

We are proud to have built up lasting, trusting relationships with our dedicated oyster farmers. We consider them our partners and we work together to provide you with the most delicious tasting oysters every time. Every single day, you can count on it that these highly skilled oyster farmers will be doing their very best to select the highest quality oysters from the water, ready to be served up to yours truly!

Find your private oystershucker near you!

Our popular oyster venues are springing up right across the US. You will have no trouble finding a location that suits your needs for that special party or chic dinner. How about enjoying the oyster catering services of a best oystershucker in Boston, for instance, or having a delectable East Coast oyster shucked for you by the professonial oysterman in New York? Let your private oystershucker in Massachusetts or an oysterman in Martha’s Vineyard shuck you some flavorsome little Washington State oysters. We also have plenty of brilliant venues in some of the most desirable locations in the States: why not engage your private oystershucker in the Hamptons or an oysterman in Up State New York? Let our Oystertainer Jersey Shore invite you to their deluxe restaurant, or allow our oystermen Upper East team come to your home to regale you and your friends with lemony oysters. Our Oystershucker Island Creek and best Oystershucker Rhode Island teams are expert shuckers. We can set you up with the services of the best oystershucker in New Jersey, or the best oystershucker in NYC.

No matter which of our venues you choose to visit, you can be assured of a fantastic service. An Oystertainer in Boston will give you wonderful personal attention and so will our private oystershucker in the Hamptons. The best oystershucker  in New Jersey will shuck you the best raw oyster as you please in the utmost style, and so will the oystershucker in Philadelphia.  Our private oystershucker in New York will be delighted to provide you with a sumptuous home visit and so will our oysterman in Martha’s Vineyard. You can be sure that the best oystershucker in Up State New York will be as skilled at Oystertainment as the professional oystershucker at Upper East. In short, whether you hire one of our oystershuckers, you can be sure of a fantastic experience that you will remember for many years to come. Look up our locations today and you are sure to find one that is very easy for you to reach – and don’t forget that we can travel to your home or place of work as well. Wouldn’t you love to have the best oystershucker in Manhanttan arrive at your door and start shucking fresh oysters individually for you and your guests at a party?

The fabulous concept of ‘Oystertainment’

For 20 years, we have been providing a truly unique and luxurious service known as oystertainment®. We began oystertaining in Europe and we have offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Our European customers loved this service as it is personal, fun and fascinating to watch. And so, we decided to expand our premium oyster catering service to encompass the USA as well. What does oystertainmen® involve? It involves our team of the best oystershuckers (made up of highly trained men and women), dressed up to the nines in their oyster shucking uniform (complete with a steel mesh glove and scrupulously clean white uniform) personally shucking oysters for you and your guests. Watching a professional shucks an oyster is an amazing experience as it takes both strength and elegance to do so with the skill and aesthetic appeal of our team. Our team of Oystertainers all wear tailor made leather aprons, and they carry a bucket of fresh oysters with them along with all of the condiments that you could possibly need: lemon, tabasco sauce and mignonette – and maybe a little gin as well! Why go to the effort of shucking your own oyster when you can have the best oystershucker do it for you? All our oystershuckers are all completely trained in the craftsmanship of opening oysters especially for you, and they will rove through you drinks party or wedding reception on foot providing freshly shucked oysters to anyone who requires it.

Oystertainment® is perfect for so many different occasions, including marriages, private parties, graduation balls, bat mitzvah, and extravagant Valentine’s Day treats. As well as inviting you in to our exclusive and very comfortable and welcoming venues, we also offer you the option of having us come to your home or company, and providing you with Oystertainment there. Reflecting the fact that every event is unique and all of the venues that we provide Oystertainment in have their own individual charm, we will provide you with a tailor made proposal for our Oystertainment services. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your needs: we would be delighted to hear from you. There is no denying that oysters – that perennially opulent dish – add a sense of sophistication to any occasion. Treat your guests to something extra special by booking our oyster catering service for that upcoming birthday present, company event, friends’ reunion, New Year’s party or any other celebratory event.

Come and meet us and learn more about our oyster catering services

We are very sociable people, and we would be utterly delighted to meet you. As you have probably gathered, ours is a very international business, and we can be found all over the world. So, the next time that we are in your city, come and chat to us. We are particularly sought after at international art fairs. For instance, we are often to be found at TEFAF Maastricht. TEFAF stands for ‘The European Fine Art Fair’, and as its name suggests, this event is a coming together of some of the top artists in Europe. Here, you can wander through galleries of gorgeous art and perhaps pick up a new piece of art work or two for your home or office whilst you are there. Browse antiques and innovative design objects, too, at this inspirational venue. What better way to enhance your experience of this art fair than by supping on some delicious oysters at the same time? As you browse the fair, you can count on it that one of our best oystershuckers will not be far away, ready to shuck you a fresh and specially selected oyster with their gleaming silver knife. Ideal with a glass of champagne or prosecco! If you are based in the US, you can also enjoy this experience in New York. This is because there is a New York version of TEFAF, known as TEFAF New York, and we are always asked to attend and provide a little Oystertainment to the hungry art lovers there. At TEFAF New York, guests can enjoy an amazing array of artworks, antiques and objects of design from nearly a hundred exhibitors.

Another prestigious international event where you will be able to find us each year is Art BASEL. This international art fair takes place not just in Basel but also in Hong Kong and Miami Beach. It is very much focused on contemporary art and it showcases work by both up and coming artists and by established practitioners in the field. Our team of expert oyster shuckers will be there, mingling with the exquisitely dressed guests, and providing salty, savory, delectably minerally oysters on demand to anyone. Watching the gleam of an oyster knife shuck open a clamped shut oyster with ease and style is a work of art in its own right! We are so proud of our team, and we love to show them off on all possible occasions. Opening oysters is a craftsmanship as it takes both strength and precision – and yet we manage to do it with delicacy and grace every time. We would love it if you came to watch us at work, and to talk to us and get to know us too, the next time that we are at a venue near you.

Get in touch with us to hire our oystershucker for your event today

Who better than Red Oyster to provide you with raw oysters for your next party or get together? We do not just select the freshest and most delicious and high quality oysters for our clients. We also provide you with a unique experience, demonstrating our skill at oyster shucking and bringing a welcoming and convivial atmosphere to your event. Whether you want to come to one of our spectacular venues, or whether you would prefer to enjoy the convenience of having a private oyster shucker come to your home, we will be delighted to regale you with some of the finest raw oysters that you have ever tasted. We think you’ll agree that our concept of Oystertainment is so unique and appealing that everyone should try it at least once in their lives.

We are so proud of our fabulous raw oysters from the East and West Coast, and we cannot wait for you to try them. High in protein, zinc, iron and other nutrients, and beneficial for everything from your immune system to your libido, oysters are an excellent food to eat at any time of day. Add to this the luxury of having a professional oystershucker opens your oyster for you with a flick of their shining silver knife and you will see why our Oystertainment® experiences are so popular with food and entertainment lovers across Europe and the US. Are you planning a soiree, engagement party, a wedding, birthday, a bat mitzvah, a get together or another event in the near future? Make it extra special by hiring the Red Oyster team of the best oyster shuckers to provide personalized, roving oyster catering services. In our distinctive uniforms, we provide service with a smile, and we cannot wait to meet you and to make your forthcoming event a success! Offering affordable, bespoke proposals for our events, we will work hard to ensure that you have an amazing experience. Get in touch with us today to hire our oyster shuckers, and to let us help you to throw the most lavish party of your life.


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