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Oystergirl of Red Oyster

Oystergirls are special girls. From Brilliant entertainment to unique & exquisite personality, plus good social skills, every oystergirl brings heft to the art that is Oystertainment® in spicing up your event. Oystertainment® a subtle form of entertainment, no singing or dancing involved, but expect a gushing, and delicious experience, as oysters are shucked and served for you to enjoy. A bucket of fresh Oysters at hand, formidable skill in experience, undeniable charm, plus tons of enthusiasm, every Oystergirl of Red Oyster is sure to set to light up your experience, thanks to the thorough training in the art of opening oysters. Roving, amidst your guests, fitted in Leather Apron, Iron Mesh Gloves and Steel Buckets, the fresh taste of On the Spot Oysters is sure to set to make your event more vibrant. It’s more than just vibrant; it is magic. The excitement, the joy, and the delightful experience that is Oystergirls, in Oystertainment®, is one for the ages, creating moments lasting forever. We come everywhere in the USA, and with seventeen years down the line, our experience is immeasurable. Originally from Europe, and we have offices in Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, and now expanding in the United States.

Purity of Oysters

There are indeed very few know products that can claim the prominence that, Oysters stand strong in, for very few products, are as pure as Oysters. No chemicals, no additives, not anything more added to manipulate its chemical composition, only the elements that affect its taste, and that new found taste is beyond compare. Items added for flavors include Tabasco, Pepper, or Lemon. When eating an Oyster, we recommend that you first chew it a few times, this brings out the oyster to the comfort of your taste buds as they burst in flavor and gushing excitement. First taste the saline sea, chew the oyster progressively to stimulate the five sense of the tongue. Maybe it’s the gushing emotion, or it’s something even more, but at that moment you will perceive another flavor unlike anything else that just fall within the definition of sweet. Your five senses on the tongue all become heightened from Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty, and Umami? Well, all this taste burst out giving you a mesmerizing, gushing experience in your mouth that is the way out the oyster!

The Taste of Oysters

The oyster is a wonder of nature, and various elements add up to pop up this frontier. The Sun, the Sea and the logical flow of water all play a part in forming the flavor that is the oyster. The Oyster filters seawater and extracts mineral, as well as planktons, with the latter being their chief source of food. The very formation of Oysters is in close resemblance to that of wine. The excellent, exquisite taste of wine is achieved by the subtle existence of some elements namely: temperature, the number of hours in exposure to the sunshine, rainfall and not forgetting the sweet, rich soil where the vine sprouts. In the oyster world, on the other hand, all the elements aforementioned, play a part in determining the taste of an oyster. Thus the fish found or collected lying in Bay, have a very different taste from those that are extracted directly from the sea or ocean, for example in the North Sea or the Atlantic Ocean.

Oyster tasting

At Red Oyster, We love Oysters to the very last bit, shucking the best, freshest and tastiest of oysters for you to enjoy. With quite the ample sample of Oysters available, our seventeen years of experience bears good fruit, and thanks to our professionals, we have selected the best of fresh oysters that the United States has to offer. At Red Oyster,a majority of Oyster supply come from East Coast Oyster farmers and as well as, the Washington State Oyster Farmers. Besides the USA, we get also get supply from Canada, with oysters from Prince Edward Island. Thanks to their distinct, mouth-watering harmony in a flavor profile deeply engraved in their excellent balance. These oysters boast in higher brininess, higher salinity, and more minerals than the other western counterparts available. Additionally, strong relationships have been built with these oysterfish farmers, thanks to the many years of experience under their belt. Our selection of fish farmers is set on quality and consistency in the production of oysters i.e. conditions such as the taste profile, desirable deep cup and a hard shell. And also the overall process in farming, packing, as well as the distribution of the oysters. The packaging of the oysters is done with the oyster cup side down, with the sole intent of retaining that succulent, delicious juice, with delivery been made on a daily basis to ensuring you get the best and the freshest of oysters available at your event or party.

Red Oyster Martha’s Vineyard

Welcome to Red Oyster Martha’s Vineyard. We offer innovative, deluxe, and prestigious catering services, well spread throughout the whole of Martha’s Vineyard. We take pride in the exquisite roles we play, and our charming Oystergirl Martha’s Vineyard services, which have indeed taken this beautiful island by a storm. Oystergirl Martha’s Vineyard brings you lavish and exquisite in Oystertainment®. Thanks to our Oystergirls, we move among your guests, with elegance and flair, offering fine, fresh oysters, succulent oysters, with wowing seamless shucking expertise, thanks to our vicious training in the prowess of the art that is oyster shucking. Red Oyster’s Oystergirl Martha’s Vineyard, is set to deliver an unforgettable, delightful fish experience to spice up your event today.

Red Oyster Massachusetts

Red Oyster Massachusetts, “Oh say can you Shuck?” Smart, Seamless and Effective, that is the Oystergirl Massachusetts. We offer the best of catering services to ensure that your guest gets that exuberant taste that is oysters. Whether you like it with a dash of pepper, lemon or Tabasco, we have got you covered, to give you that taste just the way you like it. Our Oystergirl Massachusetts is bold, skilled, and swift in gushing out that oyster for you to enjoy. Roving in elegance among your guest, engaging in a chit-chat with your guest, endowing upon them the fascinating tales of what is the oyster, and what they have been missing. But that is just the scratch of the surface, the Oystergirl MA continues to mesmerize, for it’s not all about banter, they earned skill in the art of oyster shucking will leave your guest mesmerized, while enjoying the different flavors available for you to select. Expect nothing but deluxe services, for the Oystergirl MA, is just what your need to spice up your party or event, and your guests are sure going to love them.

Red Oyster Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is a sight to behold, and Red Oyster brings just the perfect addition you have been missing out. From elite events to parties and catering services, at Red Oyster, you are at home. We offer you the Oystergirl Jersey Shore with just but one purpose, for you to enjoy the delight and delicacy that is the delicious, culinary oyster experience. The Oystergirl Jersey Shore gives you just the right addition you need for your event or party. Our Oystergirls are proficient in the art of oyster shucking, and also adding an elegant touch to your event with outright mingling and moving among your guests, giving them the sweet, exuberant taste that is the oyster. She takes you into the exciting world of salty delights, with lots of flavors to choose from that will surely leave you wanting even more. We take pride in the deliverance of the best and fresh supply of oysters that is set to cater for all your needs and demands. Oystergirls add that joy and vibrant atmosphere into your event, giving your guests a happy experience.

Red Oyster the Hamptons

At Red Oyster, Oyster is what we do, everything oyster. The Hamptons brims with life and having a taste of Oystergirl the Hamptons is just the right amount of fun for you to have at your party or event today. We take modesty from our prestige and plush services that we offer. From a classy look to that sweet gorgeous smile, the Oystergirl the Hamptons is just what you need to add flair to your event or party and take it to even higher levels. Our Oystergirl, the Hamptons, leave nothing but an exuberant experience behind. Event guests are charmed by the expertise of our roving oyster girls, in their swift touch in shucking oysters. It’s an uncommon sight to behold a girl shucking an oyster with so much ease! And that’s not all; we are well set to keep your guests entertained, as it is Oystertainment®. The banter and chit-chat will get your event off to a whole new start. Expect a luxurious experience from our Oystergirls well-versed in everything Oyster!

Red Oyster Rhode Island

Red Oyster Rhode Island is the gastronomic, innovative proposal that you have been waiting for, offering uniqueness and that deluxe taste you never expected. At Red Oyster, we endeavor to bring you the fun that is Oystertainment®, that flattering feeling as an Oystergirl Rhode Island serves that oyster especially for you. An Oystergirl RI, brings you charisma and fun, in a sweet banter as you enjoy these delicious delicacies we have to offer. Plus an exceptional choice in the flavor that best suits you, whether it’s the tabasco, lemon, or a dash of pepper, all will make your taste bud gush with excitement. The Oystergirl Rhode Island presents to you succulent oysters that are sure set to give you a mouth-watering experience you shall never forget, nor will your taste buds set you from that enchanting experience. In an interactive setting and a fun way at your exclusive events, you are bound to a memorable experience as an Oystergirl RI rips open an Oyster.

Red Oyster Island Creek

Island Creek, is home to one of the finest farm raised Oysters, and Red Oyster is right there with you. Pioneering and innovating, to provide for you that new culinary proposal and outstanding succulent oysterfish experience like never before. The Oystergirl Island Creek is well-trained in the art that is oyster shucking, with an attractive charisma and allure, captivating your guest, as they display their flying skills in opening that sweet, fresh oysterfish. Not only that but also by having an Oystergirl Island Creek at your event or party gives an advantage in strengthening that vibrant atmosphere to that event or party, making it much more enjoyable. The experience is unforgettable, and you’ll live to tell about the day you witnessed an Oystergirl Island Creek at work.

Red Oyster Upper East

The Upper East Side neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan, New York City, rich in culture and endowed in development, is a welcoming site with Red Oyster taking catering services to a whole new level. Red Oyster, thanks to the Oystergirl Upper East, the charm never fades. From Swift, well-trained oyster girls, to interactive and astounding personality and charisma, the Oystergirl Upper East put heft in the art that is oyster shucking. Their allure is bewitching, and their banter never ceases to rise the moods whether, for your party or event you are holding, your guests are sure to be charmed by the outstanding skill and banter that the Oyster Girl brings to the table. Shucking those oysters in style to give you that sweet, fresh, delicate, succulent tastes that are oysters, plus charm and grace that sure is going to be forever engraved deeps within your memory from an amazing oysterfish experience. Spice up your next special event and give the sweet oyster girls a try, don’t miss out!

Red Oyster Washington

Washington DC, the Nation’s Capital, and also home to some of our best oyster shucking professionals. “The world is my Oyster,” a famous quote, which means that you have the freedom and choice to do as you best see fit. At Red Oyster, we strive to serve with utmost dignity and prestige in upholding the very quality that is our name and services. We are Oyster, and we bring you to the world of oyster, from the first slurp to the first chew, with all the flavors you like, Red Oyster is set to give you that gushing, mouth-watering experience that is oyster in your mouth, as your taste buds get tickled by that exquisite taste. We serve in elite events, as well as parties and strive to leave guests with an extraordinary and innovative culinary experience to the very last touch. The Oystergirl Washington service brings you our best oyster girls, roaming among your guest, effortlessly shucking oysters and giving you that succulent oysterfish experience set to melt your taste buds. The fresh and sweet oysters, coupled with the fast services by our charming well-trained Oystergirl Washington, is set to give you and experience like never before. Spice up your next event and have your event live up to all your expectations.

Red Oyster New York

Iconic and the most populated city in the United States, New York stands tall and strong, towering up and above all “The city that never sleeps.” Red Oyster takes up in New York, capturing all ages and phases, ensuring that none is left out. At Red Oyster NY, we offer a truly refreshing, exuberant, unforgettable culinary experience. The Oystergirl New York services, add a professional touch like never before. You have never seen a professional Oyster Shucker until you lay your eyes on our Oyster Girls in action! Seamless and swift, serving that oyster, in a touch of grace and style, while roaming and interacting with your guests. Unique to the very last touch, the Oystergirl New York services, are sure set to give you an unforgettable culinary experience, extraordinary and innovative to the final touch.

Red Oyster Boston

Boston, Massachusetts capital city, Fun fact – it one of the oldest cities in the United States founded in 1630 – has grown over the years to become the giant it is today, and Red Oyster is right there at every step. Welcome to Red Oyster Boston, the excellent addition to your gastronomic culinary demands, pioneering and innovative in bringing to you that outstanding succulent oyster experience like never before. The Oystergirl Boston Services, open you to a whole new world, in oysterfish experience at your event or party. Well trained to the very last touch, the Oystergirls are well imbued with the charisma and charm, set to captivate your guest as they enjoy an extraordinary oyster experience. Whether it’s the occasional chit–chat, or a provisional banter, trust Oyster girls to keep that mood going, and your guests entertained in every step of the way, in the provision of one of a kind astronomical event sent for all to enjoy and have the best of time. The Oystergirl Boston brings to you swift and seamless services as they shuck out oysters in a professional touch as you have never seen before. Thanks to an exceptional choice in the flavor that best suits you, whether it’s the tabasco, lemon, or a dash of pepper, all will make your taste bud gush with excitement. The experience is like no other, and is an ideal solution to spice up your event today!


Red Oyster® USA

228 East 45th Street, Suite 9E
New York, 10017 NY

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