Oysters at Central Park Zoo; ‘Sip for the Sea’

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Oysters at Central Park Zoo; “Sip for the Sea”

Oysters at Central Park Zoo? Who have thought to find us there. We’ve Oystertained at penthouses and farms, castles and offices, at museums and on boats, and, last week, we added Central Park Zoo to our list of locations.

The Wildlife Conservation Society held its sixth annual ‘Sip for the Sea’ event on Thursday September 27th to showcase its marine conservation and education work at the New York Aquarium, as well as across the globe. Some of New York’s top restaurants, caterers, wine wholesalers and cupcake bakeries had asked to be sponsors, and so, of course, Red Oyster was among them.

Stationed at the VIP area next to the penguins and the seals, our Oystertainers Sidney and Antonique opened oysters and Oystertained as sparklingly as always. As guests mingled and learned about the Wildlife Conservation’s Society’s work, we celebrated all things marine, and swapped passions. A friendly zoo staffer gave us a tour of the penguin accommodation and talked passionately about her charges, including her favorite, a Chinstrap penguin named Flower, and the Macaroni Penguins with their orange-yellow crests making a band across their foreheads. In return, we taught her about oysters from the West and East Coasts of North America, and around the world!

Oysters at Central Park Zoo was easily one of the best events of the year, and we’ll be back next fall. In the meantime, to learn more about the Wildlife Conservation Society’s work, visit their website at https://www.wcs.org/.

This post originally appeared on our Dutch website, https://www.oestercompagnie.com/! Have a look to see an expanded description of the night, or to see more of what we get up to in Europe!


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