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Professional Oyster Catering

Professional oyster catering is the pearl of prestigious entertainment. Another word for Oystertainment®.

You been looking to add a unique touch of class to an upcoming event? Perhaps you hope to leave a lasting impression while providing your guests with an experience that will keep them coming back for more. Whether referring to an informal gathering or a business seminar, professional oyster catering is an excellent choice to consider. Our bespoke mobile oyster bar aims to please and when nothing but the best will do, you can count on our services. However, what exactly does professional oyster catering entail? What is the appeal of a process known as “live shucking”? What can an “oystergirl” or an “oysterman” offer you and your group? Perhaps most importantly, why has our bespoke “oystertainment” business enjoyed an immense amount of success for over 20 years? Let’s take a look at some of the answers to these questions.

First and foremost, we specialise in professional oyster catering. This type of catering involves providing you and your guests with an on-the-spot oyster bar. This mobile raw bar is then equipped with an oystershucker  (or an entire group of live shucking experts). All of our oysters have been caught from nearby waters and they are the freshest in the industry. Of course, there are many different types of oysters and we are proud to offer up some of the most sumptuous varieties in existence which are harvested off of the East Coast of the United States. The end result is that you and your guests will be able to partake in what can only be called a delectable culinary adventure with our team of trained professional Oystertainers. Still, or shucked oysters are only a small portion of the reasons why we have enjoyed such tremendous success. What makes our oyster catering services stand out from the crowd?

First and foremost, we have the unique ability to address the needs of a specific audience. Whether referring to a wedding, a work gathering, a holiday festival, or a corporate event, our ultimate goal is to offer a seamless and entertaining experience to all involved guests. It should also be mentioned that our mobile oyster raw bar involves a somewhat “hands-on” experience (as illustrated by the expertise of an oystergirl or an oysterman). These individuals are trained in the art of “oystertainment” and they will certainly not disappoint. This is one of the reasons why an online search using phrases such as “oyster catering New York” will feature our firm at or near the top of the list.

However, this type of success has not arisen overnight. We have operated successful live oyster catering services throughout Europe and we currently operate out of the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and USA. We are also able to travel to anywhere throughout the United States at the behest of our clients. Not many other firms can offer this sense of worldly experience and flexibility. If you would like to learn more about the prestigious services that we can provide to you and your guests, please contact us at your earliest possible convenience. A customer service representative will be happy to provide further details.

What Exactly Does “Oystertainment” Involve?

This is arguably the most common question and it is important to appreciate the answers. Professional oyster catering or Oystertainment® as we call it, involves much more than simply watching an oysterman (or oystergirl) serve up shucked oysters to guests. On the contrary, it is all about the presentation. Unlike traditional caterers which are reserved to perform a set of one-off tasks, our experts love to interact with their guests. They will explain the process of shucking, inform individuals about the different types of oysters and explain some of the reasons why we prefer species caught within certain waters of the United States. Furthermore, all oysters are served up with a sense of culinary ambience. Some unique flavours which will be added can include (but might not be limited to) Tabasco, lemon or pepper. The bottom line is that this engaging atmosphere simply cannot be replicated by standard catering firms.

What are “oystertainers”?

The tradition of shucking oysters at a raw bar has existed in one form or another for centuries. However, such a skill represents just as much of an art form as it does a science. These professional oystershuckers will arrive at your location wearing hand-made leather aprons and mesh gloves (essential when dealing with sharp cutlery designed to shuck oysters). Of course, no oystershucker would be complete without a bucket of the finest oysters found along the east coast. They are also equipped with a host of condiments intended to heighten the overall culinary experience. As mentioned previously, all of our oystertainers are highly trained and they very much enjoy their work. Expect a friendly and enjoyable conversation; ideal if you wish to learn more about oysters or you simply fancy a good chat while dining. Let’s also not forget that the process of live shucking is quite interesting to observe. This brings us to our next point.

This History of Oyster Shucking

It is believed that oyster shucking has taken place since prehistoric times although the tools and methods used were obviously much more primitive than those currently employed by our professionals. Metallic tools and bone knives were used and the workers themselves needed to be quite strong to separate the two halves of the shell (oysters are referred to as bivalves due to this quality). Industrial-level oyster shucking did not take place in the United States until the latter half of the 19th century. It initially began in Baltimore, Maryland and around the Chesapeake Bay area. Women were generally employed and as they needed to withstand harsh weather conditions, this was no easy task. They were paid by the weight of the meat collected as opposed to by the hour, so only the most skilled shucking specialists enjoyed success. This is obviously a far cry from how our professionals operate.

Why Are Oysters Shucked by Hand?

As opposed to many other types of shellfish, no two oysters are formed alike. The size and dimensions of their shells differ widely and as a result, no machine has yet been invented to accommodate for such issues. So, the best way to access the delectable meat at their center is to open them by hand. This is also why experiencing an oyster raw bar will provide a window into the past, as many of these techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. Thanks to the sheer popularity of these tiny creatures, such an art form has taken on an air of prestige and sophistication in modern times.

How Are Oysters Shucked?

Live shucking actually requires a great deal of skill. Not only is the knife extremely sharp (hence the use of a protective glove), but the shells are quite hard to open. First, the tip of this knife will be placed at the tip of the oyster hinge (the portion that allows the two portions of the shell to open and close). The oystershucker  will then apply pressure while twisting the knife. Once the hinge has been split, the knife is lifted upwards in order to slide the hinge open and to carefully separate the two halves. The trick is to avoid damaging the tender meat found within. While shucking one or two oysters can be performed by novices, performing such a task for hours on end requires skill, endurance and a great deal of enthusiasm. 

How Are Live Oysters Prepared?

The true appeal of this craft lies within the presentation of the oyster. Our professional oyster catering service leaves little left to chance during preparation. Once the oyster has been opened, the meat will be removed from the shell by gently sliding the knife underneath. It is then flipped over so that its is completely covered by its juices. Of course, oysters are often served atop a platter of ice and surrounded by other appetizers and condiments. Guests can choose which ones they prefer according to personal taste. We also appreciate visual aesthetics when serving oysters at a raw bar and many of our Oystertainers take a great deal of pride in how their plates are arranged before your guests are served. Our professional oyster catering is not only about the decadent taste of these morsels. It rather involves providing all attendees with an unforgettable interactive experience.

Why Are Oysters so Nutritious?

Raw oysters are considered to represent the “bounty of the sea” due to their high nutritional value. In fact, six medium-sized oysters contain only 1.5 grams of fat and an impressive five grams of protein. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids (essential to lower cholesterol and promote heart health) as well as a healthy dose of important minerals. Oysters boast all nine essential amino acids and some of these acids are known to provide slight aphrodisiac-like effects. These substances help to increase the release of “feel-good” hormones; offering up a satisfying and envigorating meal.

How do We Select the Best Oysters?

In terms of quality live shucking, there is much more than initially meets the eye. Not all oysters are created equally and as we are accustomed to professional oyster catering to high-end guests, only the finest of specimens will suffice. There are several factors which we take into account when harvesting live oysters. These include the location, the taste profile, the hardness of the shell and the depth of the cup (deeper cups are associated with more flavorful meat). It takes a great deal of experience to spot the best in the batch and you can rest assured in the knowledge that only the finest examples will be provided for your upcoming event.

Some Interesting Facts About Oysters

The concept of an oyster bar has become increasingly popular in major metropolitan areas such as New York and part of this presence can be attributed to some entirely unique facts associated with these tiny shelled creatures. For example, were you aware that oysters are said to contain more meat if they are collected with months that contain the letter “r” in their name? Eating the meat of only four oysters each day will provide you with a full supply of copper, zinc, iron, phosphorous, and iodine. The same species of oyster will taste slightly different depending upon where it was initially raised. In fact, even the goddess Aphrodite was said to have been birthed from the shell of an oyster. So, it should be abundantly clear to understand why professional oyster catering has become so popular in recent times. It is now important to take a look at what you can expect when working with our professional oyster catering services.

Oyster Catering New York: What Qualities Separate Us from the Masses?

Professional oyster catering is an art. While some firms might offer oysters as one of their side platters or appetizers to choose from, the fact of the matter is that we solely specialize in this field. So, our experience within the industry is unparalleled. Guests will obviously appreciate this quality; particularly if they are looking to provide their audience with what can only be called an unforgettable experience.

However, the personality and amiability of the oystershucker is just as important. We take a great deal of pride in employing individuals who are personable, outgoing and who will provide an attractive image that encourages conversation. In turn, this reflects positively upon the host as well as the entire event itself. It is often said that the taste of the food is directly reflected in the atmosphere where it is served. It therefore makes a great deal of sense that only the most vibrant and enthusiastic oyster shucking specialists are selected.

How Will We Plan for Your Oyster Catering Event?

The most important concept to appreciate is that we will pay attention to the finer points when preparing our team for your event. This always begins with an in-depth consultation so that we can better appreciate your desires and requirements. We will address factors such as the number of guests, the location of the venue in question, preparation times, and the amount of oysters that are required. Other information such as the location of our raw bar as well as the surrounding ambience will also be analyzed so that we can provide you with nothing less than the most unforgettable form of culinary entertainment. Of course, ancillary issues such as the price as well as answering any additional questions that you may have are also priorities. On the day of the event itself, staff members will work with you hand in hand in order to guarantee that all guests remain satisfied and coming back for more.

More Than Shucked Oysters Alone

Up until this point, we have mentioned the quality of our oysters as well as the talents of our professionals. It is still important to mention that experiencing a live raw bar is a great deal of fun. Guests can learn about the shucking process while mingling with one another. As this is also a rather informal method, oystertainment is a great way to “break the ice”; ideal for meet-and-greet events or during situations when all attendees might not know one another. With such a sense of flexibility, it is no wonder why a growing number of individuals and organizations are choosing our professional oyster catering services.

Oyster Catering: Your Needs and Your Requirements

Have you been looking for an effective way to punctuate an upcoming event? Have you been less than satisfied with previous catering services? Are you hoping to go above and beyond what your guests are expecting? These are only three of the many reasons why our oyster catering firm is outsourced when only the very best will to. New York is known for its eclectic culture and there is perhaps no better way to accentuate this quality than by choosing to employ a raw oyster bar for an upcoming event. The good news is that one of our specialists is always on hand, so planning and execution will not present an issue. Perhaps one of your attendees may even find a pearl!

A Luxury Product with a Prestigious Image

There is no doubt that our team caters to what can only a niche market. Having said this, the popularity of oystertainment is indeed on the rise. This is the reason why our bespoke catering services can be procured for a number of unique requirements. Business seminars, corporate parties, holiday events, retirement celebrations, birthdays, and many other situations can be addressed with our team of trained experts. We will work in synergy with you and any additional stakeholders in order to provide an efficient and transparent service while guaranteeing that only the finest of oysters are present during the day of the event. If you have been looking to make a lasting impression upon your guests, why not give us a call at your disposal? We will be more than happy to speak further as well to schedule a timely consultation.


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