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Oysters and mignonettes

Oysters and mignonettes are like peas in a pod; they give your fresh raw oyster a completely different taste. Some mignonettes can be a bit overpowering so use a medium to high salinity, meaty oyster. And you can endlessly vary with different types of vinegar and ingredients like shallot, cucumber, ginger, peach, herbs, etc.

The classic mignonette for oysters on the hall shell is a red wine vinegar with small diced shallots. Another very nice one is the champagne vinegar. Take small diced cucumber, small diced shallot, black pepper and champagne vinegar. It’s a very fresh taste and perfect for all your different oysters and mignonettes.

Peach Mignonette

We got a special Peach Mignonette recipe from inahalfshellblog.

The sweetness of the ripe peach, spiciness from the ginger, and acidity from the vinegar make a killer trio that pairs beautifully with a medium to high briny oysters. There is a great contrast between the soft texture of the peach and oyster with the light crunch of the shallot and mint. This recipe is adapted from Chef David Turin @mainechefdavid and we love it with nice and fresh East coast oysters.


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