Oyster Art

Red Oyster gives oyster shells a new life for the Holidays


Christmas tree of oyster baskets and shells

At our head office in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) we have  a new and very special Christmas tree. Tony de Wachter, chief operations, created a Christmas tree out of old wooden oyster baskets and oyster shells. It is a true statement for a sustainable society and above all to promote the oysters as one of the most sustainable food on earth.

This was not the first creative piece of art of Tony has created with oyster shells. He made the floating oysters; big glass vases where the oyster shells are hanging in the water.  We show these vases at the oysterbar at TEFAF where they are constantly being photographed and complemented. In addition, he also decorated vases and pots with the oyster shells. Tony: “Both the inside and the outside of an oyster shell is beautiful. I see it as LEGO; endless possibilities.”

Reclycling oyster shells

One Christmas tree made out of oyster shell is off course not a big help in recycling, but it is a start.  Red Oyster sees Tony’s tree therefore as a clever gesture towards art and the recyclingtrend.  The Billion Oyster Project in NYC is an NGO with a serious mission: ” To restore oyster reefs to New York Harbor through public education initiatives”. With the reclyced oyster shells you can restore the oyster reefs. The little baby oysters are able to attach themselves to the old shells. In this way you can get new oyster life. Restoring oysters and reefs will, over time, restore the local marine ecosystem’s natural mechanisms for maintaining itself, resulting in cleaner water and greater biodiversity.

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