This is oystertainment!

We bring Oystertainment® which means that our roving Oystertainers are walking around at parties/events while entertaining guests and opening fresh oysters on the spot. Our Oystertainers wear leather aprons with steel buckets, mesh gloves and have all the condiments in their belts. Our added value is a combination of the best oystertainers serving the best oysters. Our oysters come from the Northern East coast of US/Canada. We select the oyster farmers ourselves; the taste, the structure and the consistency of size of the oyster are important. The small oyster farms we work with, are dedicated to their craft. Their passion is to provide the best handpicked oysters for us. The Oystertainers are selected on their outgoing energetic personality and have had a thorough training program before going to venues.

 The founder of the company, Matijn Wijn, started the company 18 years ago in the Netherlands. He is driven by an enormous passion for oysters and his purpose is to build a small elegant world brand. He founded the concept of Oystertainment® and it was an instant success. We now have offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and since last year in USA (New York). Besides Oystertainment we run the oyster bars at the most important international art fairs like Art Basel and TEFAF (the Netherlands and NYC/Armory).

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