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Oyster catering

Oyster catering is our expertise: we are experts at serving freshly shucked oysters and while doing that, go for that big smile on each face. You will find that our professional oystershuckers are passionate about oysters, passionate about people, and passionate about bringing them together.

Our Oystertainment® service is the number 1 oyster catering service in New Jersey and the original mobile raw oyster bar in New York.

Since 2000 we are in the oyster catering business and have been serving fresh oysters to people at private and corporate events.

 Having our oyster catering service at your party is a very unique experience. Our team of Oystertainers are all professionals, known for their craftmanship and expertise that is second to none in the New York and New Jersey area.

We enjoy working with family owned oyster farms which share the Red Oyster ethos, and together we bring the best, freshest oysters straight to your hands.

If you’re interested in having our oyster catering at your party, we’ll make you a free, bespoke proposal. Tell us about your expectations and our experts will put together a plan especially designed for you and your event.

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Oysterman Shucking Oyster

Experience the original mobile raw oyster bar

Over these 20 years we have done oyster catering at many different occasions from weddings to private backyard parties. Red Oyster is the inventor of the mobile raw oyster bar. Why do we call it a mobile raw oyster bar? We go up to guests because we like to connect with people and make them happy with opening fresh oysters on the spot, especially for them. 

Guests enjoy themselves while being “oystertained” at the same time.  This way, our oystershuckers can have a real interaction with the people they share their oysters with, connect with them and delight them. With the mobile raw bar, we bring oysters straight to your guests, so that our professional oystertainers can share their enthusiasm and passion for oysters.

Red Oyster’s Oystertainers fill the room with energy, enthusiasm, and craftsmanship. And, of course, they can tell you everything about the delicious oysters that they select and shuck just for you. 

It’s a mobile raw oyster bar with a unique experience. Our oystershuckers will walk around at your party, entertain your guests, and open some fresh oysters on the spot. They will tell the guests some great oyster anecdotes and serve the oysters with the condiments you want. With our oyster catering service, we shuck oysters on the spot, at any location you choose; like a party at your house, a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a corporate event, or the annual summer outing.

Book our oyster catering for your party

Booking our oyster catering service is the best way to boost your party to stratospheric highs. New Jersey or New York, or any other state, it doesn’t matter where you are located. 

Serving fresh and sustainably sourced oysters is what we know how to do, and we do it better than anyone else. With a mobile raw oyster bar you can both enjoy the conversation with your friends and get freshly shucked oysters!!

Our experience over the years in oyster catering gives us the confidence that we can, and will, make our clients happy. Go the extra mile for your guests and book our oyster catering services in the New York and New jersey area. Our mobile raw oyster bar will make your guests go to stratospheric highs!

Let’s oystertain you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number oysters you should get for your party depends on 3 factors: the Oystertaining time you’d like, the number of guests, and the location. On average we take into account 3 oysters per person. The minimum oyster order is 100 oysters, and our experts will work with you to make sure that you have all the oysters and Oystertainers (oystershuckers) you need to make your event a huge success.


Our Oystertainers open oysters on the spot as they move around the room, so there is no need to provide a table! They will bring the oysters in a cooler, and a custom Red Oyster backpack with all their equipment. All you need to provide is a small space to store the cooler and the backpack, and a garbage can for the empty shells. We’ll do the rest!


We prefer to serve up North East Coast and West Coast oysters in the USA. Most of our customers like the fresh oysters from ME, MA, CT, or PEI Canada. We are proud to have built up lasting, trusting relationships with our dedicated oyster farmers. After all, they are our partners in bringing you the best bivalves, and we work together to make sure that we provide you with the most delicious ones every time. Most of our oyster farmers have family-owned businesses that have been farming oysters for generations. 


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