"When I teach somebody how to really enjoy oysters, something magical happens"

Oyster shucking class

In our oyster shucking class you will learn everything about oysters, how to open them, what are taste differences, how they grow. We can also focus more on oyster & wine pairing.

The oyster workshop can be held on a location or via Zoom (oysters will be shipped to the participants). Please let us know what you & your group would like to learn; we will tailor the oyster opening class to your needs.

Although the oyster has been known for thousands of years and was already appreciated by the Romans, it seems that  we know little about this bivalve mollusk. How do you actually eat oysters? And on what occasion? What types are there? How do you rate the quality? And how do you open oysters? The oyster shucking class will teach you how to open it and you will gradually learn the information about oysters. 

Oysters and wine are a classic combination – a delicious food paired with a delicious drink. But that’s not the only thing they have in common. Both are made using some of the most natural processes in farming. Influenced by the climate, the region, the earth, the water, with oysters the taste comes down to the merroir, and with wine, it’s the terroir. 

Come find out exactly how the oyster workshop works, and learn to unravel the tastes of oysters and of wines. Which wine complements which oyster, and why? You’ll spend the time trying different wines and, of course, fresh and grilled oysters.

We promise you joy and stimulation for your mind, body, and soul, and a big smile on your face when you go home! Whether you want to try something new with your friends, an activity for a corporate, food, or hospitality event, or an interesting party, we’ll teach you new skills that you’ll use for a long time afterwards.

E-mail us at info@red-oyster.com, and we’ll plan the perfect oyster shucking class.


Frequently Asked Questions

In our oyster shucking class or workshop you will learn everything about oysters; how to open them, the taste differences, and how they grow. We also focus on oyster & wine pairing. The workshop will be tailored to the needs of the participants.

The oyster shucking class can be held on a location or via Zoom (oysters will be
shipped to the participants). Please let us know what you & your group
would like to learn. We are able to tailor the oyster workshop to your needs.

We can organize an oyster shucking class completely tailored for you and your
friends. This can be done at a location or virtually. Contact us and explain
your ideas in order for our expert to make a plan.