"Growing oysters is a craft"

Oysters & Wine Workshop

Oysters and wine are a classic combination – a delicious food paired with a delicious drink. But that’s not the only thing they have in common. Both are made using some of the most natural processes in farming. Influenced by the climate, the region, the earth, the water, with oysters the taste comes down to the merroir, and with wine, it’s the terroir. 

Come find out exactly how this works, and learn to unravel the tastes of oysters and of wines. Which wine complements which oyster, and why? You’ll spend the time trying different wines and, of course, fresh and grilled oysters. We promise you joy and stimulation for your mind, body, and soul, and a big smile on your face when you go home! Whether you want to try something new with your friends, an activity for a corporate, food, or hospitality event, or an interesting party, we’ll teach you new skills that you’ll use for a long time afterwards. E-mail us at info@red-oyster.com, and we’ll plan the perfect workshop.

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Unfortunately there are no events to cater at the moment , but that does not mean you can’t enjoy our delicous fresh oyster!

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