“The secret of a good oyster is in several things, eating it has only one outcome: "Mmm"

Book the best Oystergirls

At Red Oyster you can book our professional oystergirls or oystershuckers for parties and events. Our Oystergirls take you and your guests into the world of oysters. We think that you should enjoy oysters with other people. Our Oystertainers as we call the oystergirls or oystershuckers will make that happen. The unique feeling you get by experiencing the opening of a fresh oyster just for you is Oystertainment®.

The Oystergirl is happy to show her craftmanship on your party or event. Our oystergirls are Oystertainers. Anyone can open an oyster, but to Oystertain, you need the right oyster, the right Oystershucker, skill, craftsmanship, energy, enthusiasm, and flair.

All our oystergirls are passionate about oysters, passionate about people, and passionate about bringing them together. ask here for the possibilities!

Professional oystershucker opening fresh oysters on the spot at art fair
Oystergirls at a party

Hiring oystergirls for a luxury ambiance

Oysters and enjoyment are inseprable. At Red Oyster you can book professional oyster shuckers or oystergirls which will give your party something extra luxurious. Besides that our Oystertainers, as we call our oystershuckers, are creating a fantastic ambiance. The oystergirl let your guests enjoy the best raw oysters on the spot. Learn here more about our oystershuckers.

Driven by his passion for oysters,  our founder Matijn Wijn was 20 years ago the first mobile oysterman. After overnight success of his first mobile raw bar, the team of oystertainers expanded quickly.

Request a free tailor made proposal. It’s based on the amount of guests, the time we have to oystertain and the location. Please let us know if there are any budget constraints.

Oystergirls on fairs

You can also hire our professional loystergirls or an oystermen for fairs. This can be a high end art fair where we run the oysterbar. Or we oystertain your clients at your booth at a fair or show. The energetic enthusiasm of our oystershuckers (or oystertainers as we call them) make your clients enjoying themselves and stay longer at your booth. Our Oystergirls can also give a short introduction of your company and connect the customer to your sales reps.

Ask for a free proposal or contact us. We are happy to tell you all about the possibilities.

Oystergirl opening oysters on fairs

Spice up your party

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Enjoy fresh oysters at home!

We deliver fresh oysters to your doorstep.

Oysters give you energy; they are very light, low in calories and full of nutrients & vitamins which are needed now. Make any celebration more special with delicious fresh and/or grilled oysters, caviar or Red Sockeye salmon.

Please order a few days ahead to get everything fresh & on time to your home!