Oysters and mignonettes

Oysters and a mignonette are like peas in a pod; they give your fresh oyster a completely different taste. Some mignonettes can be a bit overpowering so use a medium to high salinity, meaty oyster. And you can endlessly vary with different types of vinegar and ingredients like shallot, cucumber, ginger, peach, herbs, etc.

We got a special Peach Mignonette recipe from inahalfshellblog.

The sweetness of the ripe peach, spiciness from the ginger, and acidity from the vinegar make a killer trio that pairs beautifully with a medium to high briny oysters. There is a great contrast between the soft texture of the peach and oyster with the light crunch of the shallot and mint. This recipe is adapted from Chef David Turin @mainechefdavid and we love it with nice and fresh East coast oysters.


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