"Growing oysters is a craft"

Our Oysters

To serve our clients and their guests the best fresh oysters, we travel to the coasts of France, Ireland, the Netherlands, the United States, and Canada. Having tasted numerous different types of oysters, weighed up the advantages and disadvantages of each, and pondered hard about which varieties of oyster would best tempt the palates of our guests, we believe that we have found the perfect combination in each country. As you will see, we prefer to serve up East Coast oysters in the USA, and we usually accompany them with oysters from Washington State. Both of these types of oyster have their own unique and delightful taste. East Coast oysters come with rough, attractively fluted shells, and they tend to have an appealing, complex, minerally taste. East Coast oysters also tend to be saltier than other oyster varieties, and so they taste delightful with fresh cucumber or plain lemon juice – some oyster aficionados even love to use an East Coast oyster as a garnish for a martini in place of a salted olive. Oysters from Washington State tend to be smaller than other varieties of oyster. The state has one native variety of oyster to its name, and it has a lovely coppery taste. Many of these oysters finish off on the palate with a distinctive taste of green melon and cucumber.

Oysters on a plate

Oyster Farmers

We are proud to have built up lasting, trusting relationships with our dedicated oyster farmers. After all, they are our partners in bringing you oysters, and we work together to make sure that we provide you with the most delicious ones every time. We love to share our passion with them and to hear their stories, and over the years we have learned a lot from them. Most of our oyster farmers have family owned businesses that have been farming oysters for generations. 

Some of our relationships with our oyster farmers go back almost 20 years, and are as old as our business. They know our way of working, and our high standards when it comes to the quality and taste of the oyster, the packaging, and the whole supply chain. Every single day, you can count on it that these highly skilled oyster farmers will be doing their very best to select the highest quality oysters from the water, ready to be handed to you by an Oystertainer!

The Taste of Oysters

Oysters are like fine wines: they come in so many different flavors, ranging from complex and nutty to fresh, clean and simple. Oysters can live in both fresh or salty waters and they can filter several dozens of gallons of water a day, feeding on plankton and other delicacies in the process. This amazing filtration power means that the water around a group of oysters is sure to be ultra clean and sweet! The fact that oysters filter so much water means that the way that they taste will be highly influenced by the particular makeup of the water that they are living in. Oysters from one coastline might have an intense steak and walnut flavor, for instance, whilst oysters from a freshwater lake bed can taste pleasantly metallic and even citrussy.

We recommend that you chew 3 to 4 times to get the most from the oyster flavor. As you do, it is important to remember that every oyster tastes slightly different, even if these oysters lived side by side on the East Coast. That is part of the joy of eating oysters at one of our venues, or at a private party at your home: the taste of the oyster that you are eating could be subtly and intriguingly different to the oyster that your neighbor is eating. And yet, both will be utterly delicious. We are highly trained in the art of selecting the very finest quality oysters for your delectation, paying attention to their provenance, appearance and size. Just like a group of sommeliers taking the time to select the most exquisite wines for their guests, our team has taken great care to ensure that we only present you with the most astounding, tasty and memorable oysters. Let us take you on a sensory journey with these amazing oysters that we have chosen just for you.

Health Benefits

Have you ever thought about the fact that oysters are the most natural food in the world? Oysters are one of the few farmed seafoods that are good for us and for the planet. They are cultivated along controlled coastal waters, where they feed themselves with plankton and algae, while the sun provides them with energy to grow. They are a one hundred percent natural product. We are increasingly aware of the benefits of eating unprocessed food, and oysters are just that. So put them at the top of your list – they are the purest building blocks for a healthy life! 

Fresh and salty, oysters are packed with numerous essential nutrients. As well as tasting delectable, these luxurious treats contain plenty of protein, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, and vitamin C. They have particularly high levels of zinc, which is good for your immune system, for wound healing, and for the overall biological functioning of your body. That means that they are great for you, boosting your immune system, increasing your libido (no, that’s not a myth!), promoting good blood circulation, helping to enhance your bone density, and protecting you against cardiovascular disease. We don’t think we could ask for anything more! (Except, of course, another oyster.)

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