OYSTERS2GO is a premium oyster catering service. We deliver fresh oysters to your doorstep in NYC and New Jersey.

Make any celebration more special with fresh and healthy oysters! Scroll down and you will see our very nice specials with grilled oysters, caviar or wild Red Sockeye salmon. Let’s us know if you would like other seafood like clams or regular smoked salmon.

How does Oysters2Go work?

Oysters2Go is a premium oyster catering service; we deliver fresh shucked oysters to your doorstep. Please send us the filled-out order form or email us your order to info@red-oyster.com, and let us know the delivery date.

Of course, we strictly follow and respect the CDC guidelines. For example, we have all safety measures in place when packing, opening, and delivering the oysters including face masks, gloves, and sanitized workstations and tools.

Below you will find an overview of all the oyster options & more, and tools you can order. Oysters are the most natural food of the world which means our oyster selection will vary per week. We will send you a payment link after the order is being placed.

Fill out the order form here, or if you have more questions regarding Oysters2Go or Oystertainment®, contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

Stay safe, eat oysters!

Please share this message with your friends & family. Oysters is what we love to do and this helps us to continue our favorite job. Even now, in this bizarre time, it’s all about oysters!

Prefer freshly shucked oysters?

Let us know and we open them for you.

Free of charge!

the oystershucker by Oysters2Go opened by
Oysters2go delivers raw oysters on the half shell to your. door


starting at $ 39

Our oyster selection varies per week because oysters it’s a seasonal product. We prefer North East Coast Oysters and we offer a mix of medium and petite oysters, saline or more briny. Plenty of choice and don’t hesitate to let us know which oyster is your favorite!

The oysters can range from Fishers Island, Block Sound, NY to Aunt Dotty, Duxbury, MA till Mookie Blues, Damariscotta River, ME, and all in between. They can be saline with a clean crisp finish or more briny with a vegetal sweetness at the end.

We serve the oysters on ice and with fresh lemon and a mignonette. Minimum order amount is 1 dozen (12 oysters) and the order quantity is in dozen.

Gilled Chipotle bourbon butter oysters

Chipotle Bourbon oysters

$ 49 per dozen

Chipotle bourbon butter oyster; made of chipotle chili, bourbon, honey, garlic and butter.  The sweet and spice combination is to die for!

The only thing you have to do is put them for 5 min in the oven! Grilled oysters go also per dozen.

Please let us know if there are any food allergies.

Grilled Rockefeller Oysters with spinach, parsley and parmesan cheese

Rockefeller oysters

$ 49 per dozen

This is the best Rockefeller receipe we have made and perfect for simple celebrations these days.

A good Rockefeller oyster is a true balance of savory & salty with spinach, parsley, and some cheese so you still can taste the oyster. 

Please let us now if there are any food allergies.

Blini with sour cream and caviar


$ 99

Every celebration will be more  special with good caviar. Wild US caviar from Illinois. It’s a 1 oz jar with 16 blini’s and a 4″ mother of pearl spoon. Please let u know if you would like to adjust the caviar special. 

We can also deliver you imported caviar, contact us for types and prices.

Oysters2go delivers also wild US caviar with fresh shucked oyster which are a perfect match


$ 169

The Oysters & Caviar special is the best of both worlds. It consists of 2 dozen freshly shucked oysters, 1 oz Wild US caviar from Illinois, 16 blini’s and a 4″ traditional mother of pearl spoon. 

Different sizes of caviar or oysters, and imported caviar is also possible.

Deluxe special of Oysters2go with oysters, red sockeye salmon and caviar


$ 199

Yes, you can have it all! The “Deluxe special” is a huge treat for your loved ones. Share your love by serving these delicacies. 

Two dozen freshly shucked raw oysters, 1 oz Wild US caviar, 16 blini’s, 1 mother of pearl spoon and half a fillet (0.75 lbs) of wild smoked Red Sockeye Salmon.

Serve it with Ruinart Blanc de Blanc champagne to top it off!

Oysters2go serving Wild smoked red sockeye salmon


$ 30

Our smoked wild Red Sockeye Salmon is from is a sustainable fishery and family-owned cooperative; they’ve been fishing together on the Bering Sea in Bristol Bay, Alaska for four generations.

The texture of smoked Red Sockeye salmon is very dense and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s half a fillet and about 0.75 lbs and you can cut it in the way you like. Serving suggestions: with crackers or fresh sour dough bread and lemonized creme fraiche or honey mustard dill sauce.


Get some great oyster gifts for your loved ones! We have e-gift cards and oyster shucking tools.

Buy here the e-gift card and we email it to the recipient. Purchase and redemption of a e-Gift Card are subject to our terms and conditions

For the shucking tools we have:

  1. Professional Oysterknife: $40
  2. Professional Mesh stain steel oyster glove: $110
  3. Basic oyster knife:  $20
  4. Basic protection glove: $20
  5. Professional virtual shucking Lesson + handout with Tips & Tricks: $95

Pre-order now; due to availability please place order in advance!
Email: info@red-oyster.com

If you want to try to open the oysters yourself, please watch this video click here. which shows how you easily can open an oyster. 

Questions? Contact us!

Would you like to order? Do you want more info? I am happy to help you!  
Please send an email to angelique@red-oyster.com or call 212 380 1134.

Feel free to forward this webpage to your friends and family.
Stay well, Angelique van der Made 


Prices are excluding sales tax and the total amount will be emailed (incl the payment link) after we have received your order.

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Enjoy fresh oysters at home!

We deliver fresh oysters to your doorstep.

Oysters give you energy; they are very light, low in calories and full of nutrients & vitamins which are needed now. Make any celebration more special with delicious fresh and/or grilled oysters, caviar or Red Sockeye salmon.

Please order a few days ahead to get everything fresh & on time to your home!