Oysterbar at Art Fairs

Our oysterbar at art fairs is a very international business, and we can be found all over the world. We are particularly sought after at international high end art fairs, where our team of expert Oystertainers mingle with the exquisitely dressed guests, and provide salty, savory, delectable oysters on demand to anyone. Watching the gleam of an oyster knife open a clamped shut oyster with ease and style is a work of art in its own right!

How does it work?

At art fairs, our team of professional Oystertainers run a pop-up oysterbar, where we demonstrate the great taste combinations of the best oysters with the finest wines and champagnes. Our goal is to make a visit to the oysterbar a unique experience, with the combination of great oysters, our skills, and our well-known flair and enthusiasm. If your company is going to be at a show or a fair, we can build an oysterbar at your booth, or, when there is no room, we Oystertain your customers by walking around your booth, entertaining them and opening fresh oysters on the spot.

Come see us!

We are very sociable people, and we would be utterly delighted to meet you. So, the next time that we are in your city, come to our oyster bar at art fairs and chat to us! You will find us at art fairs throughout Europe and the USA. For instance, each year we are asked to provide a little Oystertainment to the hungry art lovers at TEFAF Maastricht and TEFAF New York, where the top artists, antiques, and design objects come together. More of a contemporary art fan? Come find our oysterbar at Art BASEL! Browse work by up and coming artists and established practitioners in the field. What better way to enhance your experience of an art fair than by supping on some delicious oysters at the same time? We would love it if you came to watch us at work, and to talk to us and get to know us too, the next time that we’re at a venue near you.

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Enjoy fresh oysters at home!

We deliver fresh oysters to your doorstep.

Oysters give you energy; they are very light, low in calories and full of nutrients & vitamins which are needed now. Make any celebration more special with delicious fresh and/or grilled oysters, caviar or Red Sockeye salmon.

Please order a few days ahead to get everything fresh & on time to your home!