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Oystercatering, oyster shucker and pop up oyster bar.

Are you searching for oyster catering, oyster shucker and mobile oyster bar in the Washington DC? We can now offer you all kinds of corporate and private oystercatering services.

Oystercatering Washington DC.

Have you been looking for an effective way to punctuate an upcoming event? Have you been less than satisfied with previous catering services? Are you hoping to go above and beyond what your guests are expecting? These are only three of the many reasons why our oyster catering firm is outsourced when only the very best will to. Washington DC is known for its eclectic culture and there is perhaps no better way to accentuate this quality than by choosing to employ a mobile raw oyster bar for an upcoming event. The good news is that one of our specialists is always on hand, so planning and execution will not present an issue.  We do oystercatering in Washington DC. Our oystertainers travel from NYC / NJ to Washington DC to give you and your guests the ultimate oyster experience.

Oystershucker JD talks with guest
Oystershucker Jack smiling at the camera

Oystershucker Washington DC

Each professional oystershucker wears a tailor-made leather apron, and in their special designed belt, they carry a bucket of fresh oysters with them along with all of the condiments. And off course they wear the mesh steel glove and use the best oyster shucking knife! Every  professional oystershucker of Red Oyster is completely trained in the craftsmanship of opening raw oysters on the half shell, especially for you. Our Oystertainers will rove through your event on foot providing freshly shucked oysters to anyone who requires it. Our Oystershucker proffesionals are to hire for your party or event in Washington DC.

Oysterbar Washington DC

Our pop up oysterbar at fairs is a very international business, and we can be found all over the world. We are particularly sought after at international high end art fairs, where our team of expert Oystertainers (or oystershuckers) mingle with the exquisitely dressed guests, and provide salty, savory, delectable oysters on demand to anyone. Watching the gleam of an oyster knife open a clamped shut oyster with ease and style is a work of art in its own right! Served with a Blanc de Blanc Champagne or a chilled white wine, it’s a moment of relaxing and enjoyment. Fully re-energized and you can continue to discover all the beautiful art. 

oysterman Jan and oystergirl Sidney at the oysterbar


Most frequent questions and answers

Our Oystertainer walks around at your party, mingle him/herself among the guests while he/she opens fresh oysters on the spot. The oystertainer tells something about the oysters, a fact or anecdote and entertains the guests. Their enthusiasm, craftmanship, and passion for oysters give your guests a unique oyster experience.

The number you should get for your party depends on 3 factors: the Oystertaining time you’d like, the number of guests, and the location. On average we take into account 3 oysters per person. The minimum oyster order is 100 oysters, and our experts will work with you to make sure that you have all the oysters and Oystertainers (oystershuckers) you need to make your event a huge success.

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