Oysters delivered to your door. New York & New Jersey

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Oyster delivery

We call our premium oyster delivery service, OYSTERS2GO.

We deliver fresh shucked oysters to your doorstep in NYC and parts of New Jersey.

Make any celebration more special with fresh and healthy oysters delivered to your door! Oysters are the most natural food of the world which means our oyster selection will vary per week. The oysters go per dozen and are served with mignonette and fresh lemon. Check out our shop and find which oysters we can delivery this week to your home.

How does oyster delivery work?

Our oyster delivery service or Oysters2go as we call it, works quite easy. Check out our webshop, order fresh oysters and we deliver them freshly shucked to your door.

We deliver raw shucked oysters to your home in NYC and parts of New Jersey. The delivery fee is dependent on the zip code. In case your zip code is not in the list, please contact us info@red-oyster.com or 212 380 1134.

In our shop you will find our fresh shucked oysters and our other specials like grilled oysters, caviar or wild Red Sockeye salmon, all delivered to your door. Order everything you want to make your celebration or party unforgettable. 

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A plate full of oysters with lemon

More info on oyster delivery

When Covid-19 made a halt to all events we thought of ways to let people still enjoy oysters. For us it’s all about oysters so we came up with an oyster delivery service.

We started with Oysters2Go and people were really happy to order oyster delivery and enjoy freshly shucked oysters at home.  

Of course, we strictly follow and respect the CDC guidelines. For example, we have all safety measures in place when packing, opening, and delivering the oysters including face masks, gloves, and sanitized workstations and tools.

Please let us know if you have other seafood preferences than listed in the shop. And if you have more questions regarding Oysters2Go or Oystertainment® or a virtual oyster workshop, contact us

We’d love to hear from you.


Frequently Asked Questions
Our oystershuckers can come to every location or venue. They will bring a minimum of 100 oysters. Contact us in order to receive a free tailor made proposal.
The pricing depends on three basic factors: the Oystertaining time you prefer, the number of oysters, and the location. The minimum oyster order along with an Oystershucker is 100 oysters. Every party is different so our experts will work with you to make sure you receive a free tailor-made proposal suited to your party.
A week prior to your party we will be in touch with the details including the name and contact details of the Oystertainer. On our website, you can see our entire team of Oystertainers, their picture and a word which describes their personality perfectly.