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Welcome to Red Oyster, the inventors of the roving mobile oystershucker, and home of Oystertainment®! We are a boutique oyster catering company in New York, specializing in oysters, and we have shared our passion for them with others for almost 20 years. We work with family owned oyster farms which share the Red Oyster ethos, and together our oystershuckers bring the best, freshest oysters straight to your hands.

Oystertainment® is an unforgettable experience, which is what we think opening and sharing oysters should be. We shuck oysters on the spot, in every location. A party at your house, a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a corporate event, or the annual summer outing: every oystershucker of Red Oyster can oystertain you anywhere, at any time!

Our Oystertainers will bring you their energy, enthusiasm, and craftsmanship. And, of course, they can tell you everything about the delicious oysters that they select and shuck just for you.

Oystershucker Sidney


Every oystershucker, or, as we call them, Oystertainer, will give you and your guests an unforgettable experience. Their personalities and skills guarantee new oyster lovers every time. Your party will be a huge success!

Founder and oystershucker Matijn Wijn Shucking Oysters


There is no better way to give your event an extra sparkle than by getting Oystertainment®. Go the extra mile for your guests, and book oyster catering of Red Oyster to give them something really special.

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Our fresh oysters make you long for more and enjoy oysters in all possible ways.
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The number of oysters you’ll need for your event depends on various factors. Most important is the number of guests you are expecting, but there are other things to take into consideration, including budget and time. In turn, the number of oysters and the time we have to Oystertain determine how many Oystertainers there will be. Our Red Oyster experts are here to guide you through the process – we will discuss all these factors with you, and make sure that you have everything you need to make your party a success!

We find that a guest who doesn’t like oysters is just a guest who hasn’t met one of our Oystertainers! We take every opportunity to turn a non-oyster lover into an oyster fan. People who have never eaten an oyster are sometimes nervous, or believe they won’t enjoy it. But at Red Oyster, we find that our passion is catching! We explain more about oysters to people who are hesitant. By telling them what to expect regarding taste, structure, and how to eat them, we almost always convince them to try one. It’s an experience they never forget.

Of course! We know that every event is different. That’s why we will always give you a free, tailor made proposal.

Our Oystertainers open oysters on the spot as they move around the room, so there is no need to provide a table! They will bring the oysters in a cooler, and a custom Red Oyster backpack with all their equipment. All you need to provide is a small space to store the cooler and the backpack, and a garbage can for the empty shells. We’ll do the rest!

We are devoted to the well-being and safety of our community, clients and employees. At our events, we will continue to implement the best practices in public health as specified by the CDC and FDA. With new information and clear guidance, we will respond with the appropriate safeguards. Our staff is fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and will wear a mask on request.

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“There’s nothing more rewarding than growing your own oysters”

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