"It gives me an extra energy boost when I teach somebody how to really enjoy oysters; something magical happens!"

Meet our oystershuckers

Book the best oystershucker with Red Oyster! Ever since our founder Matijn had the idea of oystergirls and oystermen in the Netherlands 20 years ago, our oystershuckers have been the toast of every event they’ve been to. Our oystershuckers are Oystertainers. Anyone can open an oyster, but to Oystertain, you need the right oyster, the right Oystertainer, skill, craftsmanship, energy, enthusiasm, and flair. All our oystershuckers are passionate about oysters, passionate about people, and passionate about bringing them together.

How do our oystershuckers work?

Our team members all wear tailor made leather aprons, and they carry a bucket of fresh oysters with them along with all of the condiments that you could possibly need: lemon, Tabasco sauce, fresh pepper, and of course mignonette! Our oystershuckers are all completely trained in the craftsmanship of opening oysters especially for you, and they will rove through your event on foot providing freshly shucked oysters to anyone who requires it.

Oystergirl opening oysters at a party

Have an oystershucker at your event

With Red Oyster, you can book an oystershucker for any party or festivity or event. A birthday party, a wedding, a corporate meeting, a bat mitzvah, a sailing trip around Manhattan, or a meeting – just say the word and we’ll be there! Our team of professional Oystertainers will arrive at your venue, whether it’s your home or a boat on the Hudson, and shuck fresh oysters individually for you and your guests.

We are so proud of our team, and we love to show them off on all possible occasions. Opening oysters properly is hard as it takes both strength and precision – and yet our oystershuckers manage to do it with speed, delicacy, and grace every time. 

As you and your guests enjoy your event, you can count on it that an oystershucker from our team will not be far away, ready to shuck you a delicious, personally selected oyster with their gleaming silver knife. Let us Oystertain you, and expect exceptional oysters, vibrant conversation, and a brilliant atmosphere.

How does it work?

We’d be delighted to talk to you about what we can do for you! If you’re interested in having an oystershucker at your party, we’’ll make you a free, bespoke proposal. Talk to us about the number of guests, the amount of time you’d like us to Oystertain for, and the venue, and our experts will put together a plan especially designed for you and your event. Request a proposal here, or if you have more questions, contact us!  We’d love to hear from you.

Oystershucker and Oystergirl on a fair

Give your party an extra dimension

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Oysters to go

Enjoy our fresh oyster at home!

Unfortunately there are no events to cater at the moment , but that does not mean you can’t enjoy our delicous fresh oyster!

Place your order today and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home!