Enjoy oyster catering at your party

At Red Oyster we are experts in oyster catering at your party. We serve freshly shucked oysters and while doing that, go for that big smile on each face. You will find that our oystershuckers are passionate about oysters, passionate about people, and passionate about bringing them together.

Our Oystertainment® service is the number 1 oyster catering service in New Jersey and the original mobile raw oyster bar in New York.

Since 2000 we are in the oyster catering business and have been serving fresh oysters to people at private and corporate events. Having our oyster catering service is a very unique experience.

Our team of Oystertainers are all professionals, known for their craftmanship and expertise that is second to none in the New York and New Jersey area. We enjoy working with family owned oyster farms which share the Red Oyster ethos, and together we bring the best, freshest oysters straight to your hands.

If you’re interested in having our oyster catering services at your party, we’ll make you a free, bespoke proposal. Tell us about your expectations, like the number of guests, the amount of time you’d like us to Oystertain for, and the venue, and our experts will put together a plan especially designed for you and your event. Request a proposal here, or if you have more questions, contact us

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With oyster catering at your party your guests will enjoy fresh oysters
Oyster catering at your party brings the extra sparkle

Experience the original mobile raw oyster bar

With Red Oyster, you can book an oystershucker for any party or festivity or event. A birthday party, a wedding, a corporate meeting, a bat mitzvah, a sailing trip around Manhattan, or a meeting – just say the word and we’ll be there! Our team of professional Oystertainers will arrive at your venue, whether it’s your home or a boat on the Hudson, and shuck fresh oysters individually for you and your guests.

We are so proud of our team, and we love to show them off on all possible occasions. Opening oysters properly is hard as it takes both strength and precision – and yet our oystershuckers manage to do it with speed, delicacy, and grace every time. 

As you and your guests enjoy your event, you can count on it that an oystershucker from our team will not be far away, ready to shuck you a delicious, personally selected oyster with their gleaming silver knife. Let us Oystertain you, and expect exceptional oysters, vibrant conversation, and a brilliant atmosphere.

Experience the original mobile raw oyster bar

Over these 20 years we have done oyster catering at many different parties and events; from weddings to private backyard parties to event in Central Park Zoo. Red Oyster is the inventor of the mobile raw oyster bar. Why do we call it a mobile raw oyster bar? We go up to guests because we like to connect with people and make them happy with opening fresh oysters on the spot, especially for them. Guests enjoy themselves while being “oystertained” at the same time. With a mobile raw oyster bar you can both enjoy the conversation with your friends and get freshly shucked oysters!! This way, the oystertainers can have a real interaction with the people they share their oysters withnect with them and delight them. With the mobile raw bar, we bring oysters straight to your guests, so that our oyster experts can share their enthusiasm and passion for oysters.

Red Oyster’s Oystertainers fill the room with energy, enthusiasm, and craftsmanship. And, of course, they can tell you everything about the delicious oysters that they select and shuck just for you. It’s a mobile raw oyster bar with a unique experience. Our team of oyster experts will walk around at your party, entertain your guests, and open some fresh oysters on the spot. They will tell the guests some great oyster anecdotes and serve the oysters with the condiments you want. With our oyster catering service, we shuck oysters on the spot, at any location you choose; like a party at your house, a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a corporate event, or the annual summer outing.

Oyster catering at your party or event is always a succes

Have our oyster catering services at your party

The best way to boost your party to stratospheric highs is to hire our oyster catering services.  New Jersey or New York, it doesn’t matter where you are located. Serving fresh and sustainably sourced oysters is what we know how to do, and we do it better than anyone else. Our experience over the years in oyster catering gives us the confidence that we can, and will, make our clients happy. Go the extra mile for your guests and book our oyster catering services in the New York and New jersey area. Our mobile oyster catering service will make your guests go to stratospheric highs!

Let’s oystertain you!

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Enjoy fresh oysters at home!

We deliver fresh oysters to your doorstep.

Oysters give you energy; they are very light, low in calories and full of nutrients & vitamins which are needed now. Make any celebration more special with delicious fresh and/or grilled oysters, caviar or Red Sockeye salmon.

Please order a few days ahead to get everything fresh & on time to your home!