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How to shuck an oyster?

You might be wondering how to shuck an oyster. There’s nothing like eating a freshly shucked oyster, so the best way of making sure you can have one any time is to learn how to shuck an oyster yourself! Opening oysters smoothly will make you the star of your parties during the holiday season, the best asset at a summer barbecue, the organiser of the best evenings in and, crucially, will mean that you can eat an oyster whenever you like.

Eat them raw and delicious out of the shell, or have a look at our recipes for grilled oysters to find the perfect way of preparing them. Either way, the first step is to learn how to shuck an oyster, so here is our founder Matijn giving you a lesson on how to open your very own oysters.

Before you start, you have to get the right tools. We advise a professional sharp oyster knife and a special oyster glove to protect your hand. You can buy oyster shucking tools in our webshop.

Looking for more direct professional advice, book a virtual oyster shucking class. You can also do this with friends and everybody Zoom in at a day and time you all are available. Contact us for more information.

We love talking about oysters, so if you’d like more detailed instructions about how to shuck an oyster, get in touch and we’d be delighted to answer any questions you have.


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