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Our unplanned oyster escapade in Toronto

Shuck Yeah! Our Unplanned Oyster Escapade in Toronto

So, picture this: We’re all geared up for a shucking good time in PEI, ready to dive into the world of oysters with our crew from the Oyster Master Guild. But guess what? Mother Nature throws us a curveball with a blizzard hitting Prince Edward Island and boom! All flights were canceled. Talk about a shell shock, right? But hey, we’re not ones to let a little snow dampen our spirits. Instead, we pivot and head straight for the oyster hotspots of Toronto, turning a potential bummer into an unexpected oyster journey.

We had to change our plans for PEI but still met up with the trip organizers and founders of Oyster Master Guild, Patrick McMurray (@ShuckerPaddy) and Julie Qui (@inahalfshellist). Our first destination was Island Oysters (@IslandOysters), where we were introduced to Jason Kun, the founder and oyster specialist. Jason grew up on Prince Edward Island and spent his childhood exploring the tidal flats of the South Shore and the open waters of the North. He founded Island Oysters to share his love for fresh Canadian shellfish and the thrill of eating freshly shucked oysters. 

Next up was Rodney’s Oyster House (@rodneysoysterhouse), a renowned seafood restaurant in Toronto. We indulged in freshly shucked oysters, relishing its food and bar menu while enjoying the maritime atmosphere Rodney’s is famous for. Later, Patrick, one of the original shuckers at Rodney’s, gave our group a behind-the-scenes tour of the restaurant and shared stories behind every shell that adorned the walls. It was an unforgettable night filled with cherished memories.

When we were let out on our own for a little while, we kicked back at John & Sons (@johnandsonsoysterhouse)—a cozy joint where oysters, beers, and Caddyshack go hand in hand. It’s a comfortable spot where you can slurp oysters, sip brews, and quote Bill Murray all in one sitting – “What an incredible Cinderella story!”

The highlight was an unforgettable experience with a hands-on oyster masterclass organized by Patrick and Julie at Pure Spirits in the Distillery District. This historic district provided a fantastic setting in which to taste and learn about oysters from Raspberry Point and Cascumpec Bay. We also tried out various shucking techniques and experimented with different knives. The food, drinks, ambiance, and staff were all exceptional, and we would give our experience a five-star rating.

Reflections on Our Epic Adventure:

Our plans for Prince Edward Island may have gone differently than expected, but our time in Toronto was perfect. We discovered that some of the most memorable experiences are the ones that happen unexpectedly. From impromptu food tastings to late-night laughter sessions, our detour turned into a legendary oyster adventure, and we walked away with unforgettable memories and lasting connections.

As we bid adieu to Toronto and our newfound oyster crew, we’re left with bellies full of brine and hearts full of gratitude, letting our love for oysters lead us down new and delicious paths.

So, here’s to the unplanned, the unexpected, and the downright delicious. A blizzard may have derailed our trip to PEI, but our journey through Toronto? That’s a shucking tale we’ll be telling for years to come. Cheers to oysters, adventures, and the serendipitous twists that make life one shell of a ride! 

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