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Add some elegance to your next event or holiday party

At your next event, why not treat your guests to Oystertainment®, a unique and fun service offered by Red Oyster? Instead of a stationary raw bar, Oystertainers, clad in their signature oyster-shucking uniform and buckets, will individually shuck oysters for each guest.

“It’s a unique experience that someone personally shucks the oyster for you; it makes you feel very special,” says Angelique van der Made, owner of Red Oyster, a boutique oyster catering company based in New York that has been making people happy for over 20 years. The company also has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy.

These professional and personable Oystertainers don’t only shuck oysters, they also educate. They explain where an oyster is from, and why a particular oyster from Maine tastes different than one from Prince Edward Island. They can also recommend how to eat these delicacies and the condiments that go well with them. For example, hot sauce can be too overpowering and cover up the taste of the oyster, plus you should never just slurp one down. “Chewing it a few times brings out all the flavors – the salinity, the sweetness, the brininess, and the umami taste,” she says

Red Oyster provides oyster catering and oyster shuckers in New Jersey and New York, and has also served at parties in Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC and in other locations. “We oystertain our clients anywhere in the US”. You’ll also see Oystertainers at pop-up oyster bars at high end art fairs like those hosted by The European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF) and Art Basel.

Read the whole article here: City Lifestyle Chatham Short Hills, NJ October 2023

Credits to Chatham & Short Hills Lifestyle writer, Sue Baldani


Red Oyster® USA

228 East 45th Street, Suite 9E
New York, 10017 NY

+1 212 380 1134


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