Oysters and Caviar

Oysters and caviar

Oysters and Caviar are a very festive combination. Just a dollop of good caviar on a raw oyster on the half shell; more than perfect! They enhance the saltiness in each other. It is a perfect appetizer for any special occasion; no preparation needed, very healthy, low calorie, gives energy, and very delicious.

Caviar is traditionally eaten on a blini with some creme fraiche and a small drop of caviar. Off course you could also eat the pure caviar as a caviar bumb on your hand.

But above all, the best combination is fresh oysters with caviar. The oysters and caviar enhances the saltiness in each other. Open the raw oyster and with a pearl spoon you put a little drop of caviar on top of the oyster.  Delicious!

And then the finishing touch: after you have eaten the oyster and caviar, pour in a shot of a premium gin like GIN MARE and clean out the shell.



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Oysters give you energy; they are very light, low in calories and full of nutrients & vitamins which are needed now. Make any celebration more special with delicious fresh and/or grilled oysters, caviar or Red Sockeye salmon.

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